I am so impressed with our newly opened Earth Fare healthy supermarket in the new Seminole Mall.  Most of us have never heard of this healthy food chain, I know I have not.  However company was established in 1975 and has a number of stores in at least 8 states – AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY, OH and IN.

The philosophy of Earth Fare is healthy food for everyone.  Because of their quality standards, they carry healthy, fresh “real food”, as they are proud to profess.  They pledge their food is free of added hormones, artificial fats and trans fats, artificial sweeteners,  preservatives, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, bleached flours and hundreds of chemicals found in packaged foods, etc.

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Upon entering the store, is the huge assortment of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  The layout is so impressive with the variety of colors that fill the bins of produce.  There are also prepared packages of mixed fruits, salads, cutup vegetables, salsas, guacamole, etc.  Beyond this area is the bulk foods area of dry foods and an assortment of liquid type self-serves such as vinegar, oils, nut butters honey and whatever else that I cannot remember.

I will also mention that the meat and seafood area is  – Wow – not prepackaged – just fresh looking meats in a showcase. They only sell grass-fed beef, non-GMO. The happy helpful employees who serve customers make your purchasing experience enjoyable.  A must to buy is a roasted chicken, no hormones or preservatives and very tasty.  These are located near the checkout area and easy to grab one for your cart.  These are only $5.00 on Mondays, saving $2.99 off regular price of  $7.99 on all other days.

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Shopping there is also a treat with all of the specialty areas – olive bar, cheese showcase, deli with an amazing assortment of prepared foods such as chicken salads, various specialty vegetables and variety salads, just to name a few.  Of course there are great deli meats, sushi, and soups. I also was impressed with the bakery offering wonderful breads, pastries, and the cookie bar is beyond imagination.  I continue to list the super salad bar, sandwich/wrap counter, the pizza bar, and smoothie juice bar.  There is cafe area to enjoy eating your food choice there.  I enjoyed watching people order special wraps to eat there on their lunch break.  LOL, Don’t go shopping too hungry or you will want to buy so many yummy looking prepared foods.  I have done that!

Last but not least is the regular grocery item canned, jarred or boxed foods that you might need. They do carry cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment.  The wellness and beauty area is really impressive with a variety of products for all your body needs.

I don’t want to leave anything out if possible so I will also let you know that they offer a large variety of wines, champagnes and beers.  In other words, there is nothing you might want to buy that you can’t find in Earth Fare. Visit their website in Seminole to see the weekly deals and register your email address to receive deal emails. I suggest going to check it out and you most likely will find yourself buying certain things that are appealing to you at the time. I realize that shopping here does cost more and so you just decide what you are willing or can afford to pay for certain products. For early birds, they open at 7 AM. I hope that you are inspired to go and have an enjoyable, unique, impressive shopping experience right here in Seminole.


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