David Bates Group

Seller Considerations

As a potential seller, the process of selling your home is more clear with the following facts and processes. As your real estate agent, it is my primary purpose to listen to your needs.  I will take you through a process so that we both thoroughly understand your goals, wants, needs and desires. It is my desire to not only meet your expectations, but if possible, to surpass  them.  A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is prepared for your home that will assist us in pricing your property to be sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.  Preparing to sell is an important step in the selling process.  There are a number of suggestions that can help you “stage” your home in a more appealing way for a potential buyer.  In some cases you may need to make minor improvements such as painting, decluttering, outside appeal, etc.

The choice for your homesale is always yours.  It is my purpose to inform you of all things that can affect a successful sale and answer all your questions.  If also needed, I will help you find your future home if you are looking in Pinellas or Pasco County.