I was shocked today to see the beach erosion at IRB – Indian Rocks Beach as a result of Hurricane Hermine. I drove and parked at a beach access around 25th street. Walked down the walkway to the beach and that’s when I discovered what happened to our beautiful beaches due to the winds and high tide. It was like I was someplace else. There was about a four foot drop down to the sand/beach.


I then decided to try another beach access to the south. I parked at 16th Street and there was a definite 3 foot drop but there were wooden steps to assist with the step down.  I walked north to 26th Street in order to see all the beach access areas and how they were eroded.

img_1140      This sand dune was washed away to this height, as were many other dune areas.  I realized that it was a longer distance to the water now…about  80 feet from this dune.


It was rather sad to think how much sand was washed away and what it will take to replace it in the future.  As for a temporary (or permanent) fix to the beach access areas, stairs will have to be provided. Also, many of the sea turtle nests were washed away.  Mother nature can be mean.

I searched for any coverage of this local erosion on the news and am happy to share this Chanel 10 live news video that was televised on Labor Day….

Chanel 10 news broadcast-IRB Erosion

I now have a new appreciation for our beautiful soft sandy beaches that lead to the amazing but powerful gulf waters, and I  am grateful that it was not worse.  Enjoy the beach as much as you can…there is no place like it!



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