Planning for the hurricane season is just have to have a plan. I am giving you a basic outline here that will guide you through this process.  None of us like to think that we may be faced with some emergency disaster that would cause us to take some drastic actions to “survive” or at least be in a more comfortable situation as the disaster hits us, our home and family.  Living in Florida would list hurricane, (flooding) and/ or tropical depression as the major weather disaster to be concerned with.

The recent heavy rains from Colin produced a lot of water in the canal by my house – a combination of rain and high tide.  Notice the dock almost flooded.


Hurricane season is here and we have learned that “we are overdue” for a hurricane hit on some level.  That being said, let us think about that possibility and do the necessary preparedness.

In making a plan, you will outline the information you will need to know in the event of an emergency.  If you live in an evacuation area, you will need to know the evacuation route and the shelter you are assigned to.  In Pinellas County, you can find this info online at, you can go to our Bay News, chanel 9 as they have great local weather coverage.  The other place that will contain the big weather picture is the weather chanel,  You want to be informed and get the updated weather forecast to keep you informed about the weather in your area,  what the projections might be as the hurricane approaches and how you will be hit and possibly affected, i.e. directly or indirectly…big difference

If you are staying in your residence you will need to have the necessary survival items such as food, water, batteries, first aid, prescriptions filled, just to name a few.  You cannot count on a cold refrigerator due to electrical outings and therefore you will need canned goods such as .beans, tuna, chicken, vegetables, fruit and peanut butter/ jelly. Make sure you have a good can opener.!   Your favorite crackers, chips, popcorn, cookies, candy are a must for being without other luxuries.  Fruit that will keep such as apples and bananas are also good as well as nuts, seeds and raisins. I’m sure you can do your own shopping list to take care of the food that you will want to have on hand. This website is a must for you to get familiar with and also go to for answers to any questions you have. I also discovered that our local Publix puts out a pamphlet “Are you ready to weather a storm?”.  It can be found where all of their flyers are.  It has a bright red with black hurricane symbol as the cover page.  What I like about it is the way it lists different items to have on hand and the various groups of items they list to have on hand and a number of safety preparedness tips  – i.e. emergency supplies, where to go if you have to evacuate, special needs preparations, pet safety, etc.  Be sure to pick one up the next time you visit your Publix so that you can begin your preparations for the hurricane season.

There is another website to visit –– because it has useful information and an outline you can download to create your own personal preparedness plan.  It also has tips on what to do before, during and after a hurricane.

I hope you find this information useful and that you will avail yourself of the opportunity to start planning now for what may happen in the near future.  The peak hurricane season is from early August thru end of October.  On the bright side, I am hopeful that this great sunny state of FLA dodges another season without a major hit.  Have a great summer and know that this season will pass come November 30th.


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