How would you like to receive a $15,000 gift to purchase a home.  That’s right!  If you qualify as a first time home buyer you could receive up to $15,000!

This is a great time to buy and as a first time home buyer, there are special opportunities. If there is a possibility to own vs. rent, the financial benefits are tremendous – in other words – you are paying your mortgage and not that of your landlord.  It’s always a personal decision to take that big step, but learning more about the present lending opportunities for first home buyers is a way to make that decision with knowledge and understanding.  As a real estate consultant, I have helped many people take that step that puts them in the driver’s seat.

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Present interest rates are still at historical lows – around 4%.  The amount you may be able to borrow will be determined by a mortgage lender I have partnered with this unique program.   As for the rise/fall of prices, the market seems to be leveling off – meaning a correction in the market – with a somewhat stabilizing price point.  These are positive signs for our often unpredictable market trends.

I urge you to at least take that inquisitive step to see what your present buying power is and what benefits you can receive because you are a first home buyer.

I look forward to answering questions as well as helping you qualify for the best available grant program and put you into your first dream home!  Fill out the form today and I’ll give you a call!

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