Reflexology Therapy – Reflex Points in Feet

Reflexology is a therapy that involves the reflex points in the feet. Using the various pressure points in the feet as outlined in this foot chart , you are able to gently affect your organs, glands, and each part of your body by stimulating reflex points on your feet   What occurs is a stimulation […]

Hurricane Season – Know the Risks – Have a Plan

Planning for the hurricane season is just that…you have to have a plan. I am giving you a basic outline here that will guide you through this process.  None of us like to think that we may be faced with some emergency disaster that would cause us to take some drastic actions to “survive” or at […]

Taking care of Posture – your PC lifestyle!

Working at a computer is definitely wrecking havoc on our bodies and posture.  Yes, this wonderful PC sitting lifestyle needs our attention. .  The real truth is that not many of us think about this body, this body’s spine, head, neck, lower back, butt, legs,knees, ankles, feet, chest, shoulders, arms, fingers, eyes,facial expressions and last but […]